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Are you tired of feeling disconnected and like your life is set on “autopilot”? 

Discover how to overcome chaos, take charge and be clear-minded at all times.

Coaching comes naturally to me.


I am a certified Health and Wellbeing Coach. Throughout my life I’ve been coaching friends, family and even strangers.

I noticed my interaction with people usually brought them insight and the determination to make better and healthier choices.

I decided then I would become better equipped with the knowledge and the tools to help people improve their lifestyles.


I have a contagious enthusiasm for the way of things. I am intuitive and I have an inquisitive mind. I see people’s motivations easily, finding connections between seemingly disconnected events which brings the possibility of new routes and outcomes. 

I feel bliss when there is an opportunity for change and people feel empowered.


Change can be a daunting experience. 

But it is by questioning what we know and by experiencing the unfamiliar that we have revelations about ourselves. 

While travelling in a country whose language I could not speak and whose culture was different to mine, I challenged myself 

by stepping out of my comfort zone. Such space brought me the confidence to be here and proved to be highly rewarding.


To undergo an unfamiliar experience, is to allow ourselves to live unpredictably surprising moments. Not only it hones our ability to deal with the unexpected but allows us to explore unforeseen but powerful aspects of ourselves that would otherwise go unnoticed. Being faced with new concepts broadens our minds. It helps us flourish and promotes self -growth. 


The unexpected is just mostly often - different. 

In recent years I went through the experience of loosing my hair to Alopecia. I perceived this event as an opportunity to reinvent myself. It meant I had to let go of a part of me and embrace uncertainty. In doing so I welcomed the unexpected and, not so surprisingly, it comprised a lot of support, reassurance, respect and above all, love. This experience has brought me closer to my authentic self, who has also become an easily adaptable being.


However, I understand how we can be resistant to change. Not knowing whether we are able to adapt to it, inhabit it or know how to sustain it. We find ourselves paralysed by the uncertainty and the fear that we might not be good enough. And we tend to 'protect' ourselves by remaining the same.


But the fear of failure is just but the expectations you put on yourself.

My understanding of change is that we first need to claim ownership of all that is ours. We must accept ourselves and that

we inhabit an unstable world. We don't control everything and it is alright to let go. We must allow ourselves to experience the  discomfort of the unknown and not having all the answers. Only then can we welcome change and work towards it. And it is not enough merely to aspire it. You have to give permission to yourself to experience it.


Learning to trust yourself allows you to transform fear into risk-taking. At the beginning it might be uncomfortable, it might seem unachievable or, just plain scary. Nevertheless, bringing awareness to how these experiences make you feel is the starting point to understand how you can work around them; eventually overcoming the challenges, leading you to wiser conscious choices, which are aligned with what is truly important to you.


So here I am. Ready to embrace your world and see how I may support you. 


I will give you guidance and empower you to take control of your agenda (not the other way around!) and - your health.

I will hold your vision and motivate you towards it. And no matter how far we might work together my primary goal is  to bring clarity to your mind, vitality to your body and balance to your life. That’s what I do best.

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