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I have much information on pertinent issues that might have a negative impact on our daily lives. We’re searching for answers on how to be more productive, less tired or the best way to start the day. My purpose is to make this information reach as many people as possible so I decided I'd make it available to anyone.


These are sessions of 50 minutes provided through skype or the phone, where I will share details, ideas, theories or instructions about a particular topic. For example, one of my popular topics is sugar and the psychology of cravings; I shed light on why we crave at certain times so that you have a better understanding of your own cravings and you learn how you may deconstruct them.

There is a range of different topics that you can choose from. They suggest new approaches, different perspectives and provide guidance for those looking to potentially change certain habits in their routines. Sometimes all we need is a simple adjustment on how we perceive something to have it making sense to us. 


‣   Sugar & The Psychology of Cravings 

Learn how you create your own cravings unknowingly and how to deconstruct them

‣   Stop Procrastination

          Learn how to be more productive, improve your focus and remain active

‣   The Importance of a Morning Routine

          Not all routines are made equal. Learn the impact of having the right one for you in place.

‣   Basic Skills for (Sustainable) Living

          Not all is common sense. Learn great tips to know where the other pair is, at all times. Never run out of food, simplify                home duties and have your finances in order.    

‣   The Art of Loving ThySelf

          Learn how to cultivate self love. Discover how to start shifting and improving the relationship with your self.


Towards the end of the session, if you so wish, we'll look at how you may implement any given action that might have inspired you into change. I will help you to define an action step to help you improve the desired area of your life.  

In exchange I accept your donation!

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