Hi! I'm Mariana

I'm so glad you arrived here! And, wouldn't you agree that there's nothing better than a good laugh?! Be physically fit and active. Be imaginative, curious and have a flexible mind. Learn new things. 

I am joyous, relaxed and passionate. I live in the moment. I try to be free of judgement and have an inquisitive mind. I choose to see beauty and take the best of all experiences. I'm often awed by little things.

I like rhythm, words, details, feelings and ideas; nurture and seeing things grow; making people laugh. I like to be silly at times. I nurture my body with healthy food and I love to explore and observe nature.

I'm also a Health Coach and I'd delighted to inspire you to reclaim your health in a way that is fun, sustainable and natural. 

'Vitality is a measure of the life force within you'

"When we’re connected to our sources of vitality, not only do we have more energy to be more active and get more done,

but we’re engaged, we’re present. We feel that flow of life force pumping through us.” Connie Grant


Overcoming Chaos

Do you feel overwhelmed by the chaos life throws at you at times? 

Are you tired of feeling disconnected and like your life is set on “autopilot”? 

Do you get home exhausted yet not having done the one thing you had set yourself out to do that day?

Throughout our hectic and powerful lives, stress is a constant marker that will hardly fade. It is most

always present as a response to conflict and the demands we are up against in this day and age.

As time goes by it manifests itself as anxiety, depression, brain fog, fatigue, memory loss, weight gain, digestive problems and an overall feeling of dysfunction.


Whatever obstacles and challenges you are facing find out how to overcome conflict within

so that you feel better in your mind and body and experience your healthiest, happiest life.


'Gentle Matters' Blog

Transitional Phases

I write about change, uncertainty, letting go.

My own personal experience - how I deal with it,

how I dare, how I learn and how I transcend.  

 What moves me, what inspires me and the magic

of sharing. This is a community blog.

I encourage you to share your thoughts too.


Acts of Courage

​"The sessions I had with Mariana changed my life in the most positive way. A health coach is someone who aims to help others to  excel in the workplace, become happy and fulfilled at home, explore their potential and achieve ambitions. I think this is exactly what we achieved in my case. 

When I started the program I often felt tired and worn out. Mariana begun by analysing my daily routine and eating habits and then slowly implemented changes she felt were appropriate in order to improve my energy levels. I re-discovered things about myself that I had forgotten about. And I have a more positive attitude, which I could feel developing throughout the program –something quite a few friends as well as colleagues have noticed and commented about. Life feels better!​" Sabrina

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Please note that I am not a certified nutritionist or a medical professional. If you have a serious health condition requiring strict dietary regulations, it is best to seek help from a qualified nutritionist recommended by your primary care physician. As time goes by more and more health coaches are working alongside doctors and nutritionists to provide additional support for those who need to make changes to improve their overall health and to assist those seeking alternative solutions when options feel limited.